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Clarification Sugarcane Juice
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The Film type Sulphur Burner supplied by Digital Utilities has been commissioned in Dec 2007. It has been running since then without interruption for juice sulphitation. We have achieved good juice clarification and sugar quality has also improved. There is no sublimation, and there is reduction in downtime. It is running to our full satisfaction without any pollution.
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Rajaram Bapu SSK Ltd. Distt. Sangli (Maharashtra)
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Digital Utilities is today one of the very few companies in India which manufacture and supply a variety of products and services for the clarification systems for the sugar industry.
The most popular of our products, FilmType Sulphur Burner, is being used in nearly 300 sugar mills in India and abroad. In recognition of having developed the FilmType Sulphur Burner, Digital Utilities was awarded the National Award by the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Government of India). in 2002.
An Air drying Unit to complement the Sulphur Burner is also offered by us to our clients who wish to avoid the problems of corrosion in piping systems due to formation of Sulphurus acid in the Sulphur burners. We also manufacture Cerolene based FRP pipes and pipe fittings. Very well received in the industry, these are in use in about 55 sugar mills in India.

Sulphur Burner  
Sulphitation is an important and critical process in controlling the quality and brighten of sugar crystals. Digital Utilities offers an energy efficient and well regulated Sulphur dioxide generation unit (Film type Sulphur Burner) in this context.
Air Drying Units  
As a valuable adjunct to its Film type Sulphur Burner, Digital Utilities manufactures Air drying systems which provide dry air to the Film type Sulphur Burner, preventing the formation of Sulphurus acid due to the condensed moisture coming in contact with SO2 gas.
Production of plantation white sugar / raw sugar from can juice to cater to international markets is very remunerative. Digital Utilities has the technology to provide an energy efficient and competitive process and equipment on a turnkey basis for production of international grade refined sugar.
FRP Piping  

Digital Utilities specializes in the manufacturing of FRP Valves, Piping, etc. to handle very corrosive liquids/moist gases. Over the years these have become very popular in the industry.


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